Smartraveller – What does the Australian Government recommend you be aware of while you are travelling?


Security Check – Are you aware of how to pack for security at the airport?


Travel Secure

Seating – Have you got the best available seat on the plane?


Travel Apps – What apps will help you enjoy your holiday?


View Trip You will need your 6 digit airline booking number to access this travel app.

Australian Customs – What do you need to know before you go?

Guide for travellers - Know before you go

Do you need a Visa to travel?


Visa Advise Please note the Visa Direct fees are not mandatory, please ask for more detailed advise for lodging your visa application.

Do you need a Travel Checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything?


Click here for your travel checklist  

Booking Conditions – What do you need to be aware of so your booking process runs smoothly?

All prices quoted are in Australian dollars and are valid as of the date of quote issuance and are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, or fluctuate due to currency exchange rates as passed on by airlines and/or travel Please note no bookings will be processed until payment is received for that item. Note payment dates and deadlines, as pricing may increase or booking cancel if missed. Once final payment has been received, your price

Please scan and email a copy of your passport to ensure your booking/reservations are as per Passport name (middle names not mandatory), and hold a minimum of 6 months validity from your ‘return’ date to Australia, otherwise you may be subject to change/reissue fees Service fee’s may be applied to any/all products sold due to airlines/suppliers now only paying minimal or no commissions.

A non-refundable commitment deposit of $250.00 per person (that will go towards your package price) is required for all international tailor made itineraries/packages at time of enquiry in order to reserve and request different options with suppliers (to avoid disappointment) while you to make a choice.

We strongly recommend travel insurance is taken at time of deposit in order to protect you against non-refundable cancellation fees due to unforeseen medical reasons. Date/ time changes/re-routing, or upgrades after ticketing requires 24 hours’ notice subject to seat availability, within same seasonality, and may be subject to airfare difference plus change fees Documents are non-transferrable to another name and/or traveller Cancellation/no shows will incur fees and or 100% penalties.

Please advise us of any medical or dietary requirements that may affect your booking so as we can make your holiday as pleasant as possible for you. Any special seating or meal preferences may be requested, however note Hotels require a credit card to guarantee their reservations, and Great Southland Tours recommends minimum 48 hours’ notice for cancellation/amendment to avoid penalties due to overseas time differences

Due to immigration laws, if a return flight ticket is not presented at time of check-in for an international departure, this will be classified as one way travel, to which a visa will be required, otherwise you may be denied boarding It is the travellers responsibility to ensure they have packed according to the correct luggage regulations, and check-in min 1 hour for domestic and 21⁄2 hours for international flights.

Every care has been taken in finalising your itinerary and documents, so please check them carefully prior to departure to ensure all is in order, and a copy of your e-ticket is printed, and carried for each check-in It is the travellers responsibility, to ensure they have the relevant visa’s required for visiting overseas countries.

Great Southland Tours acts as ‘an intermediary’ between yourselves and the operators of these products and as such is not responsible for the non-performance or supply of these products. Whilst we endeavour to confirm all arrangements are true to their description we only can pass on that information as supplied to us by the operator/supplier and do so in good faith.

Airlines can at their decision cancel or reschedule flights and unfortunately we have no control over these. To assist any problems that you may incur, we do strongly recommend that Travel Insurance is purchased.

Group International Booking Process – How are groups different?


1. Group Flight Request Information – Please fill out the form completely 50 days before departure.

2. Passport copies – each name must be spelt correctly as per passport. It is VITAL that you have at least 6 months validity on your passport from the date you RETURN to Australia.

*** Please note as the group coordinator it is essential you make sure names are spelt AS PER PASSPORT.

3. Deposit for your group will be $250.00 per person. Any seats cancelled within 60 days of departure, deposit will be forfeited.

4. Any variation to the group itinerary must be submitted for approval and quoted individually.

5. Once all seats are secured at the original group fare, any additional seats requested cannot be guaranteed at the original fare price. Further group fares are subject to approval and may not be at the same fare cost as originally quoted and booked.

6. Your final payment date will also be advised on your invoice. Taxes and surcharges are subject to change due to currency fluctuations and will be re-assessed at time of your invoice full payment.

Below are the payment methods available to you.


Direct Deposit: Westpac / BSB: 034074 / Account # 225320 / Reference – group name


If your group requires a stopover, please advise both what room types you want (single/twin/triple/quad) and ‘who’ is to be in each room. Please note if there are no quad rooms available your group maybe put in twin accommodation.

Also please advise what hotel standard you would like (3*/4*/5*?).

TIMING (prior to departure)

• 70 days – Release unwanted seats • 55 days – Names as per Passport to be advised • 45 days – Final names due or auto cancellation • 40 days – Final Payment / Ticketing Due


I will gather your documents at my office and post them or email them to you two (2) weeks prior to your departure. Any electronic documents will be emailed to you so you have copies of them while travelling. Naomi Thomas

Booking Checklist – Have I given enough detail to ensure my holiday is enjoyable?

Please fill out the following details (and email a copy to in order for me to proceed with your booking: Name of passengers as per passport:                           Passport no.                             Expiry Date: P1.                                                         .         P1.                              .                              /      /      . P2.                                                         .         P2.                              .                              /      /      . P3.                                                         .         P3.                              .                              /      /      , P4.                                                         .         P4.                              .                              /      /      . (please note you need AT LEAST 6 months validity on your passport from the date you arrive HOME to Australia e.g. if you are going overseas from the 1-6th Sept 2016 your passport must be valid until at least 6th March 2017). Date of Birth: P1.       /      /         /.           P2.       /      /         /.      P3.       /      /         /.     P4.       /      /         /.   Below details are required only for the lead passenger: Email Address:                                                                                . Mailing Address:                                                                                                            .   State:                    . Post Code:                            .   Best contact Mobile:                              .        Home:                                 .   Emergency Contact phone number:                                                   relationship                                              . Frequent flyer details: airline:                            number:                               . Seating requirements: window/aisle:                              . Dietary requirements:                                                    . Any additional special requests                                                                                                          . Medical conditions (if applicable for airline travel)                                                                           .   Insurance required (please circle) Y/N Details of policy chosen:                                                    .  $                        .   Please also specify your “touring style” or interests: e.g. gourmet/wine, active (hiking), scenic etc. My style:                                                                                                      .                                                                                                                      .                                                                                                                      .   Payment type:                                                  .

When will I get my travel documents?

All travel documents will be sent out 2 weeks prior to your travel date.  

What documents do I need to take with me?

  1. 1 photocopy of your passport (pack it in your large suitcase).
  2. 1 photocopy of all of your travel documents (have a spare copy in case you loose your originals).
  3. 1 printed copy of your electronic documents on your email that you have access to at  your hotel. These will be emailed to you 2 weeks prior to your departure date.
  4. 1 photocopy of all of your travel cards in case you need to replace them while overseas (credit cards; cash passports etc.)

Are there any extra fees that I will have to pay on top of the listed price?

No, we do not charge any extra fees or fuel surcharges. The listed price is the price you pay. Including tax. If you make changes to your travel plans there may be an extra cost incurred.

When is my full payment due?

Generally full payment is due 60 days prior to your travel date. Sometimes tour companies require early payment if they are providing a "discount for early payment".

What deposit do I need to pay to secure my trip?

Normally a deposit of $250.00 per person will secure your trip. However, some airfare payments are due at the time of booking. Travel insurance payments are also recommended at the time of booking as this will secure the money you outlay prior to your departure date (unless pre-existing conditions exist).

Travel Doctor – What vaccinations do you require?


The Travel Doctor

Australian Passport Holders – Passport renewal & Application information


What is ATAS Travel Accreditation?

We are an ATAS accredited agent. For more information, please see this brochure..

Duty Free – What can you bring home?


Duty Free

Global Time Zones – What is the local time in your holiday destination?


World Clock

Currency converter – How much will you get for your Australian dollar while on holidays?


Currency Converter

Overseas Embassies – Where are Australian Embassies while you are travelling?


Australian Embassies While Overseas

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